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Buddy Greco with Benny Goodman a/o Wardell Gray (1948-1949)

BUDDY GRECO with BENNY GOODMAN a/o Wardell Gray 1948-1949.

  Benny Goodman (1950)

                                          Buddy Greco with Benny Goodman November 1949 Manila.

In 1948 Elliot Wexler (Benny Goodman's manager) noticed the Buddy Greco trio (included Francis Beecher guitar & Don Sgro bass) at Philadelphia's Club 13 and advised Benny Goodman to listen to Buddy.
 Late 1948 Buddy joined the Benny Goodman band as a piano-player, vocalist and arranger, Francis Beecher joined as guitar player.
 In 1949 Benny & Buddy visited the UK and Buddy headed the Benny Goodman band for several occasions.
 Late 1949 they made a trip to the Philippines. Buddy & Benny recorded about 150 items in 1948/1949.
Benny Goodman hated playing bop and disbanded the band after the November trip to the Philippines in December 1949.
The first recording with Wardell Gray goes back to November 1948.
The first recording with Benny Goodman December 1948.
After his first visit to England  July 1949 with only support by local musicians, Benny visited England again in  April 1950 but without Buddy Greco .
I'm pretty sure Benny disbanded the Band in winter 1949/1950 and Buddy left Benny at that time.


NOVEMBER 12, 1948
New York (Wardell Gray/Eddie Bert/Buddy Greco/Sonny Igoe/Buddy Stewart/Clyde Lombardi)
Shawn (Buddy Greco piano)

December 1, 1948
Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse N.Y. Personnel: Goodman/ Reich/ Mettome/ Stewart/ Travis/ Bernhart/ Bert/ Monte/ Goldberg/ Cicalese/ Gray/ Wasserman/ Molinelli/ Greco/ Beecher/ Lombardi/ Igoe/) add Terry Swope & the Clarinaders
Clarinet a la king
You turned the tables on me (vocal the Clarinaders)

December 2, 1948
Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse N.Y. (same personnel as December 2 add Terry Swope & the Clarinaders (sextet = Goodman/ Gray/ Greco/ Beecher/ Lombardi/ Igoe)
Clarinet a la king
Don't worry 'bout me (vocal Buddy Greco)
Indiana (sextet)
You turned the tables on me -vocal the Clarinaders
Chico's bop
They didn't believe me -vocal Terry Swope
Undercurrent blues (to signoff)

December 5, 1948
Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse N.Y.  add Terry Swope & the Clarinaders
Wrap your troubles in dreams -vocal Terry Swope
Don't be that way
Guilty- vocal Buddy Greco
Bedlam- (sextet)
Rebecca- vocal Buddy Greco
I'll see you in my dreams- vocal Terry Swope & Clarinaders
Air mail special
Good-bye (theme)

Benny's Bop Band December 1948 .Beecher/Lombardi/Grey/Igoe/Goodman. (New York's "Stork Club")

December 1948, New York  (1949 March of Dimes)
(Benny Goodman, cl-Howard Reich/Doug Mettome/ Al Stewart/Nick Travis, tp-Milt Bernhart/Eddie Bert/George Monte, tb-Mitch Goldberg/Angelo Cicarele, as-Wardell Gray/ Eddie Wasserman, ts-Clyde Lombardi, b-Larry Molinelli, bar-Buddy Greco, p-Franchis Beecher, g-Sonny Igoe, d)
let's dance (intro)
String of Pearls
I'll see you in my dreams - vocal the Clarinaders (Dick Katz piano)
Undercurrent blues 
Don't worry 'bout me- vocal Buddy Greco (Dick Katz piano)
Good-bye (partial)
December 1948
Toast of the town (CBS television) (quintet Goodman/ Greco/ Beecher/ Lombardi/ Igoe)
On a slow boat to china -vocal Buddy Greco
December 1948
Stork Club New York (sextet) Crosley radio
How high the moon December 1948/January 1949 unknown radio network (sextet) Indiana Limehouse blues
January 20, 1949 National Guard Armory, Washington (NBC radio)
Let's dance (theme)
Jersey Bounce
Don't worry 'bout me-vocal Buddy Greco
Buckle down, Winsocki-vocal Buddy Greco
Rose room- sextet

February 10, 1949 Hollywood
(Capitol 15409)(Louis Martinez, bo & Terry Swope, vocal added)
Undercurrent blues
Ma Belle Marguerite - vocal Buddy Greco and the Singers (Arnold Ross piano) (The Singers and the Clarinaders are two names for the same group)
March 4, 1949 Hollywood Palladium
Let's dance (theme)
a string of Pearls
My darling, my darling - vocal Buddy Greco
Am I blue?- vocal the Clarinaders
Flying home (septet)
Buckle down, Winsocki - vocal Buddy Greco
My Belle Marguerite- vocal Buddy Greco & Clarinaders
undercurrent blues Good-bye (theme)

March 6, 1949 Hollywood Palladium (CBS radio)
Bugle call rag
don't worry 'bout me- vocal Buddy Greco
Star dust
Once in love with Amy- vocal Buddy Greco
Indiana (septet)
undercurrent blues

March 8, 1949 Hollywood (ARFS 40375-40376)
Let's dance (intro)
Chico's bop (#
) It takes a woman to take a man- vocal Terry Swope
It isn't fair -vocal Buddy Greco
After you've gone-(sextet)
Am I blue- vocal The Clarinaders
Undercurrent blues Good-bye (partial)
Chico's bop (partial repeat from #)

March 11, 1949 Hollywood (AFRS 41115-41116)
The BG band at the Hollywood Palladium.
Let's dance (intro)
I've got my love to keep me warm
Someone like you -vocal Buddy Greco
I'll see you in my dreams -vocal The Clarinaders
Sweet Georgia Brown
It takes a woman to take a man- vocal Terry Swope
Undercurrent blues
Trees (repeat from 40375)

March 15, 1949 Hollywood (AFRS 12295/12296)
Don't be that way
Do, do, do -vocal Buddy Greco
Am I blue -vocal the Clarinaders
Bedlam (sextet only)
Lover man -vocal Terry Swope
Undercurrent blues
Intermezzo (partial)

March 19, 1949 Hollywood Palladium
after you've gone (septet)
March 21, 1949 Hollywood there's a small hotel (quartet-Goodman/Greco/Igoe/Lombardi)
sweet Georgia Brown (quartet)
March 22, 1949 Hollywood (AFRS 43747/43748)
Let's dance
I've got my love to keep me warm
It isn't fair -vocal Buddy Greco
Undercurrent blues
So in love -vocal Terry Swope
Blue Lou -(sextet only)
Don't worry 'bout me- vocal Buddy Greco
El Greco
Let's dance (partial repeat)
March 24, 1949 Hollywood
Shishkabop (Capitol 57-568)
Having a wonderful wish -vocal Buddy Greco (Capitol 57-568)(Bud Hermann piano)
That wonderful girl of mine-vocal Buddy Greco (Capitol 56-576)(Bud Hermann piano)
It isn't fair -vocal Buddy Greco and The Singers (Capitol 860)(Bud Hermann piano)
March 25, 1949 Hollywood (AFRS 45160/45161)
Let's dance (intro)
Undercurrent blues
Do, Do, Do - vocal Buddy Greco
There's a small Hotel (Quartet ->Goodman/Greco/Lombardi/Igoe)
Jersey Bounce
El Greco
Lover man
king porter
Clarinade (partial)
MARCH 29, 1949 Hollywood (AFRS 44443/44444)
Undercurrent blues
So in Love- vocal Terry Swope
fresh fish- vocal The Clarinaders
There's a small hotel (quartet)
Someone like you -vocal Buddy Greco
If I could be with you -vocal Buddy Greco
intermezzo (partial)
March 30, 1949 Hollywood fresh fish -vocal Buddy Greco & the Singers the Huckle-Buck -vocal the Singers trees Don't worry 'bout me- vocal Buddy Greco March 30, 1949 Hollywood (AFRS 1994) let's dance (theme) Chico's bop That wonderful girl of mine -vocal Buddy Greco Sweet Georgia brown (septet) If I could be with you - vocal Buddy Greco El Greco Undercurrent blues It takes a woman- vocal Terry Swope Trees Clarinade good-bye (theme) April 12, 1949 Hollywood bop hop Trees lover man (vocal Terry Swope) Dreazag April 14, 1949 Hollywood Bedlam There's a small hotel-Quartet (Benny Goodman/Buddy Greco/Clyde Lombardi/Sonny Igoe) Oo-bla-dee -vocal Buddy Greco Blue Lou June 18, 1949 Hershey pa undercurrent blues bedlam (septet) Chico's bop July 5, 1949 New York  (Goodman-Howard Reich-John Wilson-Doug Mettone-Al Stewart-Ziggy Schatz-Bill Byers-George Monte-Mario Daone-Mitch Goldberg-Angelo Cicalese-Wardell Gray-Eddie Wasserman-Bob Dawes-Buddy Greco-Franchis Beecher-Bob Carter-Sonny Igoe) Fiesta time  July 21, 1949 LONDON (Benny +Marcy Lutes+ Buddy Greco+ Jean "Toots" Tielemans) put your shoes on , Lucy (vocal Benny Goodman) The world is waiting for the sunrise (quintet) (both on Proper Records) Buddy Greco visited the famous Club Eleven in London and played with men like Ronnie Scott, Johnny Dankworth and Lenny Bush. No recordings. CLUB ELEVEN SESSION, CIRCA 1948 LEFT TO RIGHT: DEREK NEVILLE (PRE-WAR JAZZ SAXOPHONIST, SEATED); RONNIE SCOTT; JOHNNY DANKWORTH; TOMMY POLLARD (OBSCURED); LEN BUSH; DENIS ROSE; TONY CROMBIE. August 27, 1949 Virginia beach  Let's dance The Huckle-buck (vocal the Clarinaders) Don't worry 'bout me - vocal Buddy Greco Clarinet a la king Some enchanted evening -vocal Emily long (a disaster !!!) A string of pearls There's a small hotel- (Quartet) Blue Lou -(septet) Fiesta time Good-bye September 3, 1949 Virginia beach Let's dance Six flats unfurnished I didn't know what time it was -vocal Buddy Greco Blue Lou - septet There's a small hotel -quartet Lover, come back to me- vocal Buddy Greco Clarinet a la king Good-bye Undercurrent blues October 15, 1949 New York City Egg head Little girl don't cry- vocal Buddy Greco Why don't we do this more often -vocal Dolly Huston October 27, 1949 New York City Brother Bill- vocal Buddy Greco and the Heathertones Spin a record - vocal Buddy Greco and the Heathertones Get yourself another fool -vocal Buddy Greco and the Heathertones I had someone else before I had you -vocal Dolly Huston You're always there -vocal Buddy Greco and the Heathertones In November Benny and Buddy did a trip to the Far East. Drummer was Sonny Igoe. According to Mr. Ramon C. Sison he met Benny Goodman in 1947!! and saw Paul (???) a blind bassist and 17 year old Buddy Greco (Buddy was actual 23 at that time!)
( According to Billboard November 5th 1949 the bassplayer was Bob Carter! The tour started November 13th 1949.  Back home Benny disbanded the band. As far as I know this ends the recordings with Benny Goodman playing bop. Read this Doug Mettone and Buddy Greco with Benny Goodman:   .
(First published August 26, 2000) @Herman van der Meij for Toppyjazz at Wietmarschen - Germany

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Buddy Greco Song List

 BUDDY GRECO SONG LIST 1946-2017 (albums)

a beautiful friendshipkahn-styneBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
a beautiful friendshipkahn-styneBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
a beautiful friendshipkahn-styneBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
a foggy dayg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
a lot of livin' to doadams-strouseBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
a lovely way to spend an eveningBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003154
a song for yourussellBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
a song for yourussellBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
a song for yourussellBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19720
a stranger in towncassBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
a string of pearls (021248)mortonBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948307
a string of pearls (270849)mortonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949340
a string of pearls (december 1948)mortonBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948304
a swinging losersagleBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960230
a walk in the black forestjankowskiBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
a walk in the black forestjankowskiBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965219
after the lights go down lowwhite-lovettBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
air mail special (051248)christian-goodmanBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948259
alljessel-grudeff-oliveiraBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
all of youcole porterBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
all the things you arekern-hammersteinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
am i blueakst-clarkeBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
anema e coremanlio-d'espositoBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964215
angel eyesbrent-dennisBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1961225
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging1961225
around the worldmanifoff-ackleyBUDDYGRECOin style1996
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996224
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECObuddy greco entertains1963
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963225
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002226
around the worldadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986224
as long as she needs mebartBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963247
as long as she will staygoshBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
as long as she will staygoshBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
as long as she will staygoshBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19720
at long last loveporterBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963203
at long last loveporterBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1962203
at long last lovecole porterBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963203
at long last lovecole porterBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003316
autumn in romecahn-weston-cicogniniBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964257
autumn leavesprevert-kosma-mercerBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998403
baby lean on metrent-hatchBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
baby lean on mehatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
baby,i'm true to yougrahamBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
baubles, bangles abd beadswright-forrestBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986231
baubles,bangles and beadswright-forrestBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
baubles,bangles and beadswright-forrestBUDDYGRECOin style1996231
baubles,bangles and beadswright-forrestBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996231
be anythinggordonBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
beautiful dreamerBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
bedlamgray-goodmanBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949304
bedlam (051248)goodman-grayBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948259
bedlam (140449)goodman-grayBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949309
bewitchedrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
bewitchedrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOin style1996
bewitchedrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996300
bewitched bothered and bewilderedrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986300
bewitched, bothered and bewilderedrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003605
blame in on my youthheyman-levantBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960259
blame it on my youthheyman-levantBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
blue lousampsonBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949259
blue lou (140449)sampson-millsBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949304
blue lou (270849)sampson-millsBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949322
bob hopo'farrillBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949313
body and soulgreenBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
body and soulgreenBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002259
bonitajobim-gilbertBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
bop hop (120449)unknownBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949317
born freebarry-blackBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
brother billlouis armstrongBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949316
buddy's bouncejohn andrewsBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998614
bugle call rag (060349)pettis-schoebel-meyersBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948301
but beautifulburke-van heusenBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
but not for meg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
but not for meg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963246
but not for meg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994419
but not for mei & g gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco entertains1963
but not for mei & g gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963246
but not for meg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003424
by myselfdietz-schwartzBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960157
call me irresponsiblecahn-van heusenBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963324
call me irresponsiblecahn-van heusenBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1963324
cardboard californiasedaka-greenfieldBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
cardboard californiasedaka-greenfieldBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
carnivalbonfaBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
cheek to cheekberlinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959300
cheriewood-biboBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
chico's bop (021248)o'farrellBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948301
ciao,ciao,bambinaverde-parish-modugnoBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964245
ciumachellasigman-garinei-giovanni-tBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964249
clarinade (250349)mell powellBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949154
clarinet a la king (270849)eddie sauterBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949345
cold,cold heartwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
come rain or come shinemercer-arlenBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
come where my love lies dreamingBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
corcovadojobimBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
corcovadolees-kaye-jobimBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965223
dancing on the ceilingrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
day by daycahn-stordahl-westonBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
day in day outmercer-bloomBUDDYGRECOlike young1998249
day in the life of a foolbonfa-sigman-mariaBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
day in the life of a foolbonfa-sigmanBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
day in-day outbloom-mercerBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
days of wine and rosesmancini-mercerBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963257
desafinadohendricks-cavanaugh-mendoBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963247
dindigilbert-jobim-oliveiraBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
do do do (250349)g & i gershwinBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949232
do do do (25-03-1949)g & i gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949222
don't be that way (150349)goodman-sampson-parishBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949301
don't get around much anymoreellington-russellBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998457
don't take these for grantedgene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996343
don't worry about me (220349)bloom-koehlerBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949405
don't worry about me (270849)bloom-koehlerBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949317
don't worry about me (310349)bloom-koehlerBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949401
don't worry 'bout mebloom-koehlerBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960251
don't you think i ought to knowunknownBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
dreamyshaw-garnerBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
dreazagbuddy grecoBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949238
dreazag (120449)unknownBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949242
egg headpayne-mendelssohnBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949246
egg head (151049)payne-mendelsohnBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949245
el grecogrecoBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
el grecobuddy grecoBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998601
el grecobuddy grecoBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965230
el greco (250349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949236
el greco (250349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949229
eternitygreenfield-kellerBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
every time we say goodbyecole porterBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992500
everybody gets to go to the moonwebbBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
everything i've gothart-rodgersBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
everytime we say goodbyecole porterBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
fancy meeting yougene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996207
feverdavenport-cooleyBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
fiesta timeo'farrillBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949311
fiesta time (050749)o'farrellBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949315
fiesta time (270849)o'farrellBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949327
fine and dandyswift-jamesBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998417
flamingogrouya-andersonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
flamingogrouya-andersonBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
fly me to the moonhowardBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
for once in my lifemurden-millerBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
for once in my lifemurden-millerBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
for once in my lifemiller-murdenBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
for the love of youisley-jaspeBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995301
for the love of youisley brothers-jaspeBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982300
fresh fish (290349)unknownBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949325
fresh fish (310349)unknownBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949324
from atlanta to goodbyecarr-ahlertBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
funnyprince-neil-broughtonBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966311
gabriellegene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996309
gee baby ain't i good to youredman-razafBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002319
gee baby, ain't i good to youredman-razafBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994312
gentle annieBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
georgia roadsedaka-greenfieldBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
georgia roadlaneBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989244
georgia roadlaneBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
georgia roadlaneBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996244
gigilerner-loeweBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
girl talkhefti-troupBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966314
girl talkhefti-troupBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
girl talkhefti-troupBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
girl talkhefti-troupBUDDYGRECOin style1996
girl talkhefti-troupBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996222
girl talkheftiBUDDYGRECOlike young1998300
girl talkhefti-troupBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986222
give me the simple lifebloom-rubyBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
good buddiesalf clausenBUDDYGRECOround midnight19920
good buddiesalf clausenBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992617
good buddiesclausenBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
good timessam cookeBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
guaglionenisa-fanciulliBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964320
hallelujah i love her socharlesBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
happylegrameBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995422
happymichel legrandBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982420
having a wonderful wishlivingston-evansBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949317
help!lennon-mccartneyBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
help!lennon-mccartneyBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965223
here i am in love againsweeney-charlapBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
here i am in love againschlopBUDDYGRECOlike young1998347
here i am in love againcharlap-sweeneyBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986309
hey,good lookin'williamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
hey,thereadler-rossBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
hot nightsgreco-grecoBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995427
hot nightsbuddy greco & jackie GrecBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982452
how about youfreed-laneBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959325
how long has this been going ong & i gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
how many timesunknownBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
hungry yearsgreenfield-sedakaBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989356
hungry yearsgreenfield-sedakaBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
hungry yearsgreenfield-sedakaBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996356
i ain't got nobodygraham-williamsBUDDYGRECOone more time!19610
i ain't got nothing but timewilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
i can't get startedgershwin-dukeBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
i can't get startedduke- i.gershwinBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998601
i can't get startedI gershwin-dukeBUDDYGRECOlike young1998341
i can't get startedgershwin-dukeBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003546
i can't help itwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
i could be the onetrent-hatchBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
i could be the onehatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
i could write a bookhart-rodgersBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
i could write a bookhart-rodgersBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003231
i didn't know what time it washart-rodgersBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
i didn't know what time it washart-rodgersBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
i didn't know what time it wasrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
i don't knowthomas-mahonBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
i go to rioallen-andersonBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995235
i go to rioallen-andersonBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982238
i got it bad and that ain't goodellingtonBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960334
i had a balllawrence-freemanBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
i had someone else before i had youunknownBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949309
i know where i belongtrent-hatchBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
i know where i belonghatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
i laughed at lovegilbert-katcherBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959221
i left my heart in san franciscocory-crossBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
i love being here with youlee-schlugerBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1961334
i love being here with youlee-schlugerBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging1961334
i married an angelhart-rodgersBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
i miss you sohenderson-scott-robinBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960210
i need youunknownBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
i saw the lightwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
i wanna be aroundmercer-vimmerstedtBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963254
i want the whole world to love yougene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996245
i will wait for yougimbel-legrandBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
i wish i were in love againhart-rodgersBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
i wish you lovetrenet-beachBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
i wish you lovetrenet-beachBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
i wish you lovetrenet-beachBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
ifdavid gatesBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
ifdavid gatesBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
ifdavid gatesBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1972300
if I could be with you (290349)creamer-johnsonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949230
if ever i would leave youlerner-loeweBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963309
if i could live my life againgreco-trent-hatchBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
if i could live my life againgreco-hatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
if i could only see you againgene novelloBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996302
if i had a ballfreeman-lawrenceBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
if you must leave my lifewebbBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
in the land of oo-bla-deewilliams-orentBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949320
in the land of oo-bla-dee (140449)mary lou williams-orentBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949325
in the still of the nightporterBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
in the still of the nightporterBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
indiana (021248)hanley-macdonaldBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948307
it had better be tonightmancini-migliacciBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1963200
it happened in montereywayne-agerBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey0304
it happened in montereywayne-agerBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey1958
it isn't fairhimber-warshauer-sprigatoBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949301
it might be youBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003405
it's a beautiful eveningwayne-raschBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966321
it's all right with mecole porterBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
it's gonna take some timeking-sternBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
it's gonna take some timeking-wineBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
it's gonna take some timeking-sternBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1972315
it's impossiblemanzanero-wayneBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
it's magiccahn-styneBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989428
it's magiccahn-styneBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
it's magiccahn-styneBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995419
it's magiccahn-styneBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982426
it's my lifesackerBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
it's my lifesacherBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19720
it's only a paper moonarlen-harburg-roseBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994100
it's such a happy daygleasonBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
i'll only miss hercahn-van heusenBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966334
i'll remember aprilBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003348
i'll see you in cubairving berlinBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey0305
i'll see you in cubairving berlinBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey1958
i'll see you in my dreams 2 dec.48kahn-jonesBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948229
i'll see you in my dreams (021248)kahn-jonesBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948214
i'll see you in my dreams (dec.48)kahn-jonesBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948222
i'm beginning to see the lightellington-hidged-georgeBUDDYGRECOlike young1998331
i'm gonna laugh you out of my lifecoleman-mccartnyBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
i'm henery the eight,i ammurray-westonBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
i'm henery viii, i ammurray-westonBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965229
i'm in loveferrais-kayeBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
i'm lostrenieBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960235
i'm lostrenieBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
i'm lostrenieBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994426
i'm lostrenieBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
i'm so lonesome i could crywilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
i'm sorry for you,my friendwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
i've got a crush on yougershwinBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986327
i've got my love to keep me warm223irving berlinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949347
i've got you under my skincole porterBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003645
i've grown accustomed to her facelerner-loeweBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
i've only go myself to blamegene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996257
i've you under my skincole porterBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992736
i've you under ny skincole porterBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
jadacarltonBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002419
jambalayawilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
jazz 'n' sambagimbel-de moraes-jobimBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965256
jersey bounce (250349)plater-bradshaw-johnsonBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949315
jersey bounce (250349)plater-bradshaw-johnsonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949310
just in timecomden-green-styneBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959210
just in timecomden-greenBUDDYGRECOlike young1998418
just walk awaygreco-styneBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
keep me in mindbacharach-wolfBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
keep the lovin' feelin'russ alquistBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
king porter stomp (250349)mortonBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949345
king porter stomp 2(250349)mortonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949346
king porter stomp (250349)mortonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949343
lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002318
legacyclausen-wolfBUDDYGRECOin style1996
legacyclausen-wolfBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989354
legacyclausen-wolfBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
legacyclausenBUDDYGRECOready for your love
legacyclausen-wolfBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996354
let me love youhowardBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
let the sunshine inrado-ragni-macdermotBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
let's all sing like the birdies sinhargreaves-damerell-evansBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
let's dance (250349)stone-bonime-mat baldridgBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium194941
let's loveferraris-kayeBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
like a rolling stonedylanBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
like youngwebster-previnBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963225
like youngwebster-previnBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1959224
like youngwebster-previnBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959224
like youngrevin-websterBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996217
like youngprevinBUDDYGRECOlike young1998271
like youngwebster-previnBUDDYGRECObuddy greco entertains1963
like youngwebster-previnBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963225
like youngprevin-websterBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002215
like youngprevin-websterBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986217
lillettegoldBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
lillettegoldBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
little bethjoe lanoBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998514
little girl don't crymillinder-davisBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949311
lollipops and rosestony velonaBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963307
loveblane-martinBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
lovekaempfert-gablerBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966308
love is a hurtin' thingraleigh-lindenBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
love storylai-sigmanBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
love won't let me waitbarrett-eliBUDDYGRECOin style1996
love won't let me waiteli-barrettBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989354
love won't let me waiteli-barrettBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
lovely way to spend an eveningadamson-mchughBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002236
lover come back to meromberg-hammersteinBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002246
lover man (250349)davis-raminez-shermanBUDDYGRECOmodern Benny/live at Hollywood palladium1949412
lover man (150349)davis-ramirez-shermanBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948307
lover man (250349)davis-ramirez-shermanBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into bop-volume 31949407
love's gonna live here againowensBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
loving heralf clausenBUDDYGRECOround midnight19920
loving heralf clausenBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992457
loving herclausenBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
lush lifestrayhornBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994333
l-o-v-ekaempfert-gablerBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994453
l.o.v.ejohnson-davisBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (Bainbridge records)1986225
l'il darlinBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003351
ma belle margueritea.p. herbert-vivian ellisBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949309
macarthur parkwebbBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
macarthur parkwebbBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live (the buddy greco show)19740
macarthur parkwebbBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
macarthur parkwebbBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19720
macarthur parkwebbBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996432
macarthur parkwebbBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002430
macarthur parkadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986432
macarthur parkadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003748
macartur parkadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986432
maddie's bluesalf clausenBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992409
maddie's bluesclausenBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
maggigreco-trent-hatchBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
maggigreco-hatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19730
mala femminatotoBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964230
mamacherubini-bixioBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964239
manha de carnavalcreatore-peretti-weiss-boBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965240
me and mrs. jonesgamble-huff-gilbertBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989530
me and mrs. jonesgamble-huff-gilbertBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
me and mrs.jonesgamble-gilbert-huffBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996525
me & mers jonesgamble-huff-gilbertBUDDYGRECOin style1996
meglio staseramigliacci-mercer-manciniBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964200
mimirodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
mistygarner-burkeBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
mistygarner-burkeBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
mistygarner-burkeBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959252
mistyerroll garnerBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998615
mistygarner-mercerBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002615
mistygarner-webbBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003613
moon rivermercer-manciniBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963240
moonlight in vermontsuesdorf-blackburnBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
moonlight in vermontsuessdorf-blackburnBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994510
moreoliveiro-ortolani-ciorcioBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964232
moving ontrent-hatchBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
movin' onprevin-websterBUDDYGRECOin style1996
movin' onhatch-trentBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989223
movin' onhatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
movin' onhatch-trentBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19730
mr.lonelyb.vinton-g.allanBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1962223
mr.lonelyvinton-allenBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963225
musicmilesBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995518
musicjohn milesBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982513
my baby just cares for medonaldson-kahnBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
my funny valentinerodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
my funny valentinerodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOin style1996
my funny valentinehart-rodgersBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996208
my funny valentinerodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986208
my kind of girlbricusseBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963240
my kind of girlbricusseBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1961240
my kind of girllesley bricusseBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963240
my last night in romefreed-livingstonBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964325
my old kentucky homeBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
my romancerodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOlike young1998301
my shipweill-gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
nancysilvers-van heusenBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
natcole medleyBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002556
nature boyahbezBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994318
neither one of usweatherlyBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
neither one of usweatherlyBUDDYGRECOin style1996
neither one of usweatherlyBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989425
neither one of uswaetherlyBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
neither one of usweatherlyBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
neither one of usweatherlyBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996425
never gonna give you upgamble-huff-butlerBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
never leave your sugargold-lewis-bermanBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
never let you gogreco-grecoBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995345
never let you gobuddy & jackie grecoBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982401
never leave your sugarberman-lewis-goldBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (Bainbridge records)1986241
new jerseygene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996423
nickelodeon raggene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996237
nobody knows you wen you're down anjimmie coxBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992346
nobody knows you when you're downcoxBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
nobody knows you when you're down acoxBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
october 4th 1971grecoBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
october 4th 1971grecoBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
october 4th 1971buddy grecoBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1972150
old dog trayBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
old folks at homeBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
on the street where you livelerner-loeweBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
once in love with amyloesserBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
once upon a summertimelegrand-barclay-mercerBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966250
one for my babymercer-arlenBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
one for my babymercer-arlenBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
only love mepanzuti-pinchiBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959217
ooh look a there ain't she prettylombardo-toddBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002142
ooh look-a-there ain't she prettylombardo-toddBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986138
ooh look-a-there,ain't she prettytodd-lombardoBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963134
oooh look a-there-ain't she prettytodd-lombardoBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963134
our love is here to staygershwinBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002327
passing pastelsgreco-grahamBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
passing pastelsgraham-grecoBUDDYGRECOin style1996
passing pastelsgraham-grecoBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996249
passing pastelsgreco-grahamBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992505
passing pastelsgreco-grahamBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
passing pastelsgreco-grahamBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002249
passing pastelsadamson-youngBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986249
passing pastelsbuddy grecoBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003538
people will say we're in lovehammerstein-rodgersBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
pick yourself upkern-fieldsBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994110
playing the fieldsteve allenBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey0306
playing the fieldsteve allenBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey1958
pocketfull of keyswebbBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
polka dots and moonbeamsburke-van heusenBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
power and the glorydrummond-smytheBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
power and the glorydrummond-smytheBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1972326
put yourself in my placegreenfield-kellerBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
quando quandogates-greeneBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995507
quando, quandogates-greeneBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982402
ready for your lovemanifoff-ackleyBUDDYGRECOin style1996
ready for your loveosborne-kerseyBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989456
ready for your loveosborne-kerseyBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
rebecca (051248)van alstyne-williamsBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948352
ring, ring de banjoBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
roses of picardyweatherly-woodBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
roses of picardyweatherly-woodBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1961224
roses of picardyweatherly-woodBUDDYGRECOone more time!1962225
roses of picardywood-wenthenlyBUDDYGRECOlike young1998407
roses of picardyweatherley-woodBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963225
roses of picardywood weatherlyBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002343
round midnighthanighen-williams-monkBUDDYGRECObuddy and soul19620
round midnightwilliams-monk-hanighenBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
route 66bobby troupBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994312
samba de orfeoluis bonfaBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998512
satin dollellington-strayhorn-merceBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
satin dollstrayhorn-ellington-merceBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966315
satin dollmercer-ellington-strayhorBUDDYGRECOin style1996
satin dollellington-strayhornBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
satin dollellington-mercer-strayhorBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996235
satin dollellington-mercer-strayhorBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986235
scrapple from the applecharlie parkerBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998330
scratch scratchburgess-belafonteBUDDYGRECObuddy greco sings & plays with hollywood19650
secret lovewebster-fainBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
sempre amorebuddy grecoBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964214
shawnb. stewartBUDDYGRECOlight gray (1948-1950)1948234
shawn (121148)b. stewartBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948237
she loves mebock-harnickBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
she loves mebock-harnickBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1964222
she loves mebock-harnickBUDDYGRECOin style1996
she loves mebock-harnickBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996317
she loves mebock-harnickBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002319
she loves mebock-hernickBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986317
she loves mebock-harnickBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003448
sherryrosenthal-liptonBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
she's a cariocagilbert-jobim-de moraesBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
shishkabop (150349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948451
shishkabop (250349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949322
shishkabop (290349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949319
shiskabopo'farrillBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1948320
since i fell for youjohnsonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
smilechaplin-tuner-parsonsBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994328
so danco sambajobim-de moraesBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
so danco sambajobimBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998254
so danco sambajobimBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002258
so in love (290349)cole porterBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949235
some enchanted eveningrodgers-hammersteinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949334
something i dreamed last nightyellen-magidson-fainBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960241
something's gotta givej.mercerBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1959253
something's gotta givej.mercerBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959252
spin a recordconrad-wellsBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949310
spinning wheelthomasBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
stardust (060349)parish-carmichaelBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948341
stay one more dayd & t glasserBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
stompin' at the savoygoodman-webb-sampsonBUDDYGRECOjazz grooves1998339
straighten up and fly rightcole-millsBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994238
straighten up and fly rightcole-millsBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002239
st.thomasBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003300
summer windmayer-mercer-bradtkeBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
summertime in venicesigman-iciniBUDDYGRECOmy last night in rome1964214
suzannegene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996508
sweet georgia brownbernie-pinkard-caseyBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994244
sweet georgia brownbernie-pinkard-caseyBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002249
sweet lorraineparish-burwellBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994337
sweet pussycatcoleman-grandBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
sweet pussycatgrand-coleman-schlugerBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965231
take a little walkgreco-colemanBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
take me to the church on timelerner-loeweBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
taking a chance on lovelatouche-fetter-dukeBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963131
taking a change on lovelatouche-fetter-dukeBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963131
teach me tonightcahn-de paulBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
teach me tonightde paul-cahnBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1961336
teach me tonightcahn-de paulBUDDYGRECOin style1996
teach me tonightcahn-depaulBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989357
teach me tonightcahn-de paulBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
teach me tonightcahn-de paulBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995355
teach me tonightcahn-depaulBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982402
tenderlygross-lawrenceBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
tenderlylawrence-grossBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
that old feelingbrown-fairBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960210
that wonderful girl of minejacobs-olshanetsky-gallopBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949244
that's allhaymes-brandtBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994432
that's lifegordon-thompsonBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002300
that's what i thought you saidguy-branker-mcraeBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959240
that's what i thought you saidbranker-mcrae-brawleyBUDDYGRECOlike young1998307
that's what i thought you saidbranker-mcrae-brawleyBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986234
that's what makes a house a homegene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996423
the best is yet to comeleigh-colemanBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
the best manalfred-wiseBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
the blue roomrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
the campton racesBUDDYGRECOall time favorites
the easy waydave silversBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
the good lifereardon-distelBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963230
the hucklebuck (270849)gibson-alfredBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949252
the hucklebuck (310349)gibson-alfredBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949324
the hucklebuck (310349)gibson-alfredBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949326
the hucle-buckgibson-alfredBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1948324
the hungry yearssedaka-greenfieldBUDDYGRECOin style1996
the ladies in love with youlessor-laneBUDDYGRECOlike young1998324
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959338
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963309
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1959335
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOin style1996
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996318
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOlike young1998353
the lady is a tramphart-rodgersBUDDYGRECObuddy greco entertains1963
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963309
the lady is a tramprodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986318
the look of lovebacharach-davidBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
the look of lovebacharach-davidBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
the magic of it allalf clausenBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992749
the magic of it allclausenBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
the masquerade is overmagidson-wrubelBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960322
the moment of truthsatterwhite-scottBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
the moment of truthsatterwhiteBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966330
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(my buddy)1959258
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
the more i see youwarren-gordonBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
the more i see youwarren-gordonBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECOin style1996
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECOswing in the key of BG2002344
the more i see yougordon-warrenBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986343
the most beautiful girl in the worlrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1963210
the most beautiful girl in the worlrodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOlike young1998400
the nearness of youcarmichael-washingtonBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
the party's overstyne-comden-greenBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)1961
the rules of the roadleigh-colemanBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
the song is youhammerstein-kernBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
the surrey with the fringe on tophammerstein ii-rodgersBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
the very thought of younobleBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
the very thought of younobleBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
the whole world loves italiansgene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996352
then i'll be tired of youharburg-schwartzBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
there'll be no teardrops tonightwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
there's a small hotel (140449)rodgers-hartBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949301
there's a small hotel (250349)rodgers-hartBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949318
there's a small hotel (270849)rodgers-hartBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949332
there's always something there to rbacharach-davidBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
these foolish thingslink-marcel-stracheyBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960230
they all laughedi & g gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
they can't take that away from meg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
they can't take that away from meg & i gershwinBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
they didn't believe mereynolds-kernBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
this could be the start of somethinallenBUDDYGRECOone more time!19610
this could be the start of somethinallenBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
this could be the start of somethinallenBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1960240
this is all i askjenkinsBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963405
this is all i askjenkinsBUDDYGRECOin style1996
this is all i askjenkinsBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996246
this is all i askjenkinsBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986246
time after timecahn-styneBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
to be or not to be in lovenorvasBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963301
to be or not to be in lovenorvasBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963301
to each his ownlivingston-evansBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
too darn hotcole porterBUDDYGRECOi like it swinging19610
too marvelous for wordswhitingBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994100
touch me in the morningmiller-masserBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
touch me in the morningmiller-masserBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
touch me in the morningmiller-masserBUDDYGRECOin style1996
touch me in the morningmasser-millerBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989410
touch me in the morningmasser-millerBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
touch me in the morningmasser-millerBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19730
touch me in the morningmasser-millerBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996410
treesrasbach-kilmerBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1949307
trees (120449)rasbach-kilmerBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 21949322
trees (250349)rasbach-kilmerBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948336
trees (250349)rasbach-kilmerBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949338
trees (250349)rasbach-kilmerBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949337
two of a kindclausen-grecoBUDDYGRECOround midnight19920
two of a kindclausen-grecoBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992623
two of a kindclausen-grecoBUDDYGRECOThe magic of it all
undercurrent blueso'farrillBUDDYGRECOundercurrent blues1948306
undercurrent blues (100249)o'farrellBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11948311
undercurrent blues (150349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECObuddy greco into bop-volume 31949411
undercurrent blues (250349)o'farrellBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949402
undercurrent blues (dec.48)o'farrellBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11949401
unforgettablegordonBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994137
walk a little fastergene novello-p. greenwoodBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996407
walk on the wild sidebernsteinBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
walk on the wild sidedavid-bernsteinBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965350
walking on new grasspenningtonBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
walkin' my baby back hometurk-ahlertBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994236
watch what happenslegrand-gimbelBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966317
watch what happenslegrand-gimbelBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
watch what happenslegrand-gimbelBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
watermiller-mccoyBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
weary blues from waitin'williamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
welcome to mr.kelly'sbuddy grecoBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
welcome to the clubsherman-wolffBUDDYGRECOlike young1998301
what am ialbertine-raleighBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
what did i have that i don't have?lerner-laneBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966320
what is this thing called love?porterBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994306
what kind of fool am i?bricusse-newleyBUDDYGRECOsoft and gentle19630
what now my lovebecaud-delanoe-sigmanBUDDYGRECOfor once in my life19670
what now my lovebecaud-delanoe-sigmanBUDDYGRECOI had a ball1967
what the world needs nowbacharach-davidBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
what's going on?cleveland-gaye-bensonBUDDYGRECOmoving on19730
what's going on?cleveland-gaye-bensonBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1973
what's new pussycat?bacharach-davidBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
what's new pussycat?bacharach-davidBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965218
whengene novello-s. cahnBUDDYGRECOwalk a little faster1996238
when I fall in loveyoung-heymanBUDDYGRECOgreatest hits (bainbridge records)1986358
when i fall in loveyoung-heymanBUDDYGRECOroute 66-a personal tribute to nat cole1994453
when i fall in loveheyman-youngBUDDYGRECOin style1996
when i fall in loveyoung-heymanBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003434
where's the girlleiber-stollerBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
where's the girlleiber-stollerBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
who can i turn tobricusse-newleyBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
who can i turn tobricusse-newleyBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965256
why don't we do this more oftenwrubel-newmanBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949219
wild is loverasch-wayneBUDDYGRECObig band & ballads1966155
will you still be mineadair-dennisBUDDYGRECObuddy greco at mister kelly's19550
wishing starcarroll-rayBUDDYGRECOintimate moments1963350
with all my heartmarucci-de angelisBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
without youham-evansBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
without youham-evansBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19720
wrap your troubles in dreams 051248barris-koehler-mollBUDDYGRECOBuddy Greco into Bop - volume 11949323
yes sir, that's my babykahn-donaldsonBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey1958
yes sir, that's my babykahn-donaldsonBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
yes sir,that's my babykahn-donaldsonBUDDYGRECOit happened in monterey0344
yes sir,that's my babydonaldson-kahnBUDDYGRECOlike young1998323
yesterday when i was youngaznavour-kretzmerBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
you are minemarcucci-de angelisBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
you are the sunshine of my lifewonderBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
you are the sunshine of my lifewonderBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOin style1996
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOmovin' on (usa group)1989405
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOit's magic19900
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOafter dark1995358
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOmacarthur park1996405
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOhot nights1982410
you better go nowgraham-reichnerBUDDYGRECOback to basics2003502
you better know itellington-strayhornBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
you don't have to say you love medonaggio-wickham-napierBUDDYGRECObuddy's in a brand new bag19660
you don't know what love israye-de paulBUDDYGRECOsongs for swinging losers1960237
you make me feel so younggordon-myrowBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
you win againh.williamsBUDDYGRECO16 most requested songs1964234
you win againwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
your cheatin' heartwilliamsBUDDYGRECOmodern sounds of hank williams19640
your namegreco-gilbertBUDDYGRECOaway we go!19670
your songjohn-taupinBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
your songjohn-taupinBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
your songjohn-taupinBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on19720
you're always theremiles-marcotteBUDDYGRECOmodern benny/live at hollywood palladium1949303
you're my worldbindi-figmanBUDDYGRECOlet the sunshine in19690
you're nobody till somebody loves ymorgan-stock & cavanaughBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
you're nobody till somebody loves ymorgan-stock-cavanaughBUDDYGRECOone more time!1963423
you're nobody till somebody loves ymorgan-stock-cavanaughBUDDYGRECObuddy greco live(the buddy greco show)19740
you're nobody 'til somebody loves umorgan-stock-cavanaughBUDDYGRECObuddy greco's greatest hits1963423
you're something elsegrecoBUDDYGRECOlet's love19610
you're the love of my liferoman-masonBUDDYGRECOthe best of buddy greco (kapp)19610
you're the topporterBUDDYGRECObuddy's back in town19610
you've got a friendkingBUDDYGRECOit's my life19720
you've got a friendkingBUDDYGRECOgolden hour presents buddy greco19740
you've got a friendkingBUDDYGRECOit's my life/movin' on1972437
zip-a-dee-doo-dahgilbert-wrubelBUDDYGRECOon stage19640
zorba's dancetheodorakisBUDDYGRECOi love a piano19650
zorba's dancetheodorakisBUDDYGRECOfrom the wrists down1965226
'round midnightwilliams-monk-hanighenBUDDYGRECO'round midnight1992528



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